Making it faster and easier for families to apply for free or reduced priced meals.

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  • If you need to create a new account, click the Register tab.
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  • If you received a letter with a custom PIN #, click the Received Letter tab.


We are excited to provide a new and improved way to apply and track your eligibility benefits – it’s called SchoolCafe Eligibility. The link below will take you directly to SchoolCafe. But first:

Are you an existing SchoolCafe user and already have an account (you have made a payment on a lunch account, viewed purchase activity or viewed the school meals menu)?

· Yes: Click the link below, sign in, then navigate to “Eligibility Benefits” (left hand side menu), then click “Apply”.

· No: Click “Register” to sign up for a new parent account. Once you are registered, your initial screen will prompt you to add students to your SchoolCafe account. This process helps us identify those students within your household so that we can quickly and accurately identify them for applying. Once your children are added to your account, navigate to “Eligibility Benefits” and click ”Apply”.

SchoolCafe will walk you through the application process.

SchoolCafe Eligibility provides history and tracking of submitted applications. Need a copy of the Benefit Notification letter(s)? No problem, just print one out. The best part is SchoolCafe provides a complete mobile-friendly experience. Complete your application from your phone or mobile device by accessing the website ( No need to download an app from the device store.

We are excited to provide this new and improved application process. Go ahead and click that link to get started!